BambooHR best practices

If you're using our BambooHR integration, you've likely landed on this page looking for tips on the best way to approach the integration. Our full guide to the BambooHR setup is available in our documentation, here

Included in this guide

Employee IDs in BambooHR and Small Improvements

Small Improvements and BambooHR use two essential fields to recognize users - the employee's email address and their unique employee ID. If the employee ID in BambooHR does not match the employee ID for the employee in Small Improvements, there will be issues syncing both the system's records of this user. 

Due to this, recycling old employee IDs in BambooHR and Small Improvements by giving an old employee ID to a new employee is strongly discouraged. Ideally, you'll create a brand new employee ID when you onboard your new employee and this ID will be used to locate their record moving forward. 

  • Create a brand new ID for each new employee
  • Deactivated/terminated employees should retain their ID and it should never be used for new employees if you're using the BambooHR integration with Small Improvements

Using the Correct Email Address

To recognize and update users, we pull from the work email field in Bamboo. There is a "home" email field in Bamboo available, so if the email is listed there we won't sync this information. 

It is recommended to double-check and update each user to ensure their work email field is updated in BambooHR and not the home email field. 

User API Key and Permissions

We recommend setting up an entirely new user account in BambooHR to run the integration. The reason being, if you set up the integration and API key for an admin in BambooHR who is later deactivated/terminated, you'll have to generate a new API key to have the sync continue to run. 

  • An example is setting up an hr account ( and setting up this account as the administrator in BambooHR. You can provide this account with full admin privileges and sync the account to Small Improvements. 
  • Another solution, if you'd like to avoid the separate account route, is to create a new API key in BambooHR for a different administrator, paste it into SI, and re-run the synchronization. 
  • When you push the "Test Connection" button we will display how many BambooHR users the current API key has access to. If this is a lower number than your staff in BambooHR, then there's a problem with that key. 

Complex Reporting Structures

Small Improvements does not support loops in the reporting structure. You can report to one person, and the CEO can report to nobody. This is different in BambooHR, where you can have two CEOs who report to each other. 

  • When setting up the integration with Small Improvements, if we recognize loops or complex reporting structures, the synchronization will not run. We recommend disabling and adjusting the structure in BambooHR before running the integration in Small Improvements. 
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