Why isn't my employee receiving emails?

If your employee isn't receiving email from Small Improvements, you'll need to check the Mail Log in your account to see if the employee's email is marked as bounced in our system.

If so, you can remove the employee from the bounce list. 

Locating the Mail Log

To locate the Mail Log visit the Administration tab -> Mail Log at the bottom of the screen: 

Searching for email

Use the search bar at the top of the Mail Log to look for your employee's email

Removing from the bounce list

Expand the bounce list to view and remove your employee's email

Employee not on bounce list

If your employee is not receiving emails and is not on the bounce list, you may need to add us a safe sender on your organization's email provider or the employee can do this themselves if their provider offers this to them directly, like Gmail. 

Please reach out to our support team for help, here

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