Why isn't my employee receiving emails?

If your employee isn't receiving email from Small Improvements, it's possible that their email is on the Bounced Addresses List. If so, you can remove the employee from the bounce list and we will attempt to deliver emails to them. 

Below are some common reasons for an email bouncing: 
  • The employee's inbox was full when we attempted delivery
  • The employee's mail provider has a firewall or advanced spam filter that rejects unknown addresses
  • The employee was a new employee who didn't have the listed email account setup when you first added them, so we attempted to email but the email didn't actually exist yet
  • The employee received our emails, but marked an email from us as spam
What we recommend: 
  • Employees reporting issues should add no-reply@small-improvements.com to their safe sender list
  • Ensure small-improvements isn't blocked by a firewall on your mail provider
  • Make sure emails are fully active for new joiners before adding them to receive a welcome email from us
  • Your IT team could white-list our IP address, email us for details

Removing Employees from the Bounced List

Visit Administration -> Bounced Addresses to view any issues and remove employees from the list: 

From this screen you can view reasons that an email has bounced, remove individual users from the list or clear the entire list at once. Below is a screenshot highlighting these options. 

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