How do I re-open my Performance Review cycle?

To re-open or extend the Timeline dates for your Performance review cycle, you'll need to adjust the Timeline settings from the cycle setup screen. 

To edit the review cycle:

  1. Navigate to your "Company" view via the menu on the left
  2. Tab to "Reviews"
  3. Find the cycle you want to adjust and click "Edit Cycle Settings"

To find and edit the timeline: 

  1. Scroll to the "Timeline" section of the Review cycle set-up, click edit
  2. Adjust the lockdown dates for those who want to extend the cycle

Note: This will be the "Deadline for" dates if you are not using the Grace period option. If you are using the Grace period option, you will need to add additional days to reopen the cycle. 

You may also need to extend the "Everyone should sign by" date if the date for that portion has already passed.

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