Small Improvements REST API

Small Improvements is (mostly) a Single-Page-Application based on a REST API. We are not promoting the REST API for external use yet because the API is still evolving, and documented only for internal use cases. Our main use-case for now is our own JavaScript client. Please do talk to us before you build something large and complex on the API.

In order to use our REST API, you first need to talk to our support team who can enable this feature for you. We'll need your HR admin or Tech admin to request this feature be turned on, but any user can use the API once activated (they'll only see content relevant to their permission level in the tool). 


To access the API you need an access token. To create one, visit your Small Improvements profile and click Manage -> Personal Access Tokens

Once you have an access token you can make requests to the API by specifying the Authorization header.

Example Request

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN' -I

should respond with

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

API Documentation

You can find our Swagger-based API documentation here.


  • The API is evolving based on our SPA needs, and some end-user screens like those for 360 feedback and performance reviews are not yet covered.
  • Please don't build substantial product extensions based on the API. While we try to keep change small and predictable, things do change without notice sometimes
  • In some cases (e.g. for billing contacts) an ID has to be provided. This is typically your company ID, which you can find on the Security page
  • Remember, all URLs need to get prefixed by /api/v2

In many cases it may help to navigate to the screen within Small Improvements that already deals with functionality you're interested in, and analyze the network tab in your browser to get a deeper understanding of how to call the API.

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