Exporting your data from Small Improvements

We offer several ways to export your data from the tool. For example, you can export cycle data to CSV, Excel, and PDF. The excel export covers data in 360 feedback, reviews, and objectives. PDF export is possible for 360 feedback and reviews. 

Export guides by feature

Reporting from the cycle overview

There are two aspects to reporting: reporting on status, and reporting on results. Small Improvements excels at reporting the status of your performance reviews, your 360s, and managing your objectives. As an administrator, you will always know what's happening, who's slacking, and who to nudge into action.

  • If you're using the 2D graph to chart perceived results and behavior in performance assessments, then you can use the combined graph for your entire organization as a visual tool to compare teams or pick out discrepancies between self-assessments and manager assessments. 
  • You can also always find out what your compliance/completeness rates are by selecting "All performance reviews" from the Admin drop-down menu. 
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