1:1 Meeting Templates

Video Walkthrough

Accessing the Meeting Templates

Visit Administration -> 1:1 meetings at the top of the administration screen to access the template folder - below is a screenshot example showing this option. 

Creating and editing a new template

You can create new templates and edit existing templates from the administration screen. Below are screenshots showing the meetings overview for templates and the option to create a new template, as well as the editing screen for an existing/new template. 

Below is a screenshot showing the options for each template including the name of the template and who can use/access this template

Using templates in new or existing meetings

Employees can use templates when visiting the 1:1 meetings tab and launching a new meeting: 

Using the global create button for 1:1 meetings offers the option to use a template:

Selecting the use template option from the drop-down on an existing meeting allows employees to use that template for an existing meeting they've created. 

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