Praise Wall

If you love our Praise feature and are looking for a way to further encourage a culture of frequent recognition at your company, we've got something pretty special you can explore using.

Praise wall

Simply put, this functionality gives you the opportunity to celebrate the gift of feedback in the most public way possible: By showcasing it on a big screen or projection, in the common areas or lobby of your office.

Once in full screen mode, the display will shuffle Praises in and out of the display. Generating a gentle rhythm of recognition, stimulating self confidence all throughout your building!


How does it work?

Video walkthrough:

Navigate to:

  1. The Adminstration portal
  2. Scroll down to the "Application Settings" section
  3. Click into the "Praise" button there
  4. Enable the functionality
  5. Follow the simple instructions on how to use the Praise Wall link.

Here, check out a gif of us doing just that:

Use it on as many screens as you like, and watch as engagement with Praise and recognition starts to steadily increase.


  • There are several customizations available including: 
  • Changing of the Praise Wall title
  • The options on the number of cards to show
  • How often you'd like to swap cards
  • The rotation of recent cards
  • Exclusion of deactivated/terminated employees
  • Changing of the background color
  • Adding a custom logo

Check out the below screenshot showing these options on the Praise wall setup screen:

Worth noting

The Praise Wall link we provide works outside of your log-in. So if you have Single Sign On integrated with your Small Improvements account, no need to worry about the Praise wall being shielded. Just make sure to use the link we provide in the instructions, not the browser URL for the feature.

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