Small Improvements has revamped its Praise functionality to make it even easier for employees to share a quick kudos or recognition with one another. Our praise wall, badges, and Slack integration help to spread good cheer throughout your organization and encourage future Praise.

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A kind word goes a long way. Instilling a culture of celebration can improve morale, plus re-inspire team members who might be “hitting a wall”. Below is an example of the Praise overview screen. 



Giving Praise

To give Praise, you can use the Global create button at any time to leave Praise, or visit the Praise tab from the navigation menu. 

From the global create button: 

From the Praise overview page: 

From the Praise pop-up you can select a Badge, select your colleagues that the Praise is about, and then enter in your praise. Below is an example of these options. 



We offer kudos badges which can be appended to praise, promoting collectable visual recognitions of a job well done. Plus our badges are fully customizable! Adjust them to reinforce core company values, tying praise to purpose.

You can add custom badges by uploading an image that we will re-size into the badge, or use the default badges and edit these with custom messaging. To customize Badges you'll need to visit Administration, then scroll down to the Badge setup tab:

Exporting praise statistics

You can export praise data to Excel or CSV from the Praise settings screen, selecting the date range. The resulting file includes praise data including the number of praises someone has given or received and the list of praise. 

The Praise admin screen:

Below are screenshots showing where to access this page from Administration: 

From the Praise settings page select the export option: 

Select the format you'd like to use and the date range:

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